May 26th , 2007

Jeff says2

Wow, remember when gas was only $1.98?  I love AdamKipiniak.com because it reminds us of better times.  Long may we remember those care-free January days of buying gas willy-nilly, guzzling it like Kool-Aid, filling our pools with it just because we could, even spilling a little on the ground at the service station just to watch the colors.  Three cheers for Kipiniak.com for freezing time just when it was most full of possibility.  Huzzah.





April 28th , 2007

Benjamin Franklin says

What a majestic picture of the day!  Truly this great land would have been better served had this resourceful Tom-Turkey been our national bird instead of that tired and, frankly, old looking bald something or other.  And don't get me started about the English "language."  We should be klommenting in ancient Greek!  That was my suggestion!


March 28 , 2007

This here's the story of a new Movie of the Week! Check it out!


February 25, 2007

Jeff says

Wow, thanks for posting me as the movie of the day.  I don't know how you got video of me at such a young age...but it does explain my persistant Polish women/uncooperative towel nightmare.  This Web site is strangely all-knowing.

Magda says-

I would like it to be known, that I, the winner of the 'Adam changed the goddamn picture of the day' contest, never got my prize.


Max's mom says-

Would like to see more of Max, get some updated prices of Gas, and when will we see a movie of Max?

Claire says-

This is my Klomment.  You ARE a number one genius!  I mean, the Klog IS amuszing Adam, from Claire B.    


Lauren says-

     Wow, um thanks, Adam, for putting my picture up for the day....it's been two days of me and i honestly don't know how i feel about it. No offense to your picture taking skills, but i don't find that to be a flattering picture of me, especially since to an anonymous onlooker it would seem i was greedy and obsessed with money.  i don't think that's a healthy message to send during the holiday season.Happy Holidays! (i have to go count some money.....)


You read right, probably. Kipiniak.com is holding its first contest. Because of unreasonable complaints regarding the updating of 'Picture of the 'Day'', this contest is born.

     Kipiniak.com's 'Picture of the 'Day'' will be updated EVERY DAY! That is right, and if it aint, first person to e-mail me saying the same picture has been up for nore than a day wins a BIG PRIZE!!!!

     What is the prize? I am still working with my lawyer to figure out what I am allowed to give away, darn you Ms. Sarbanes and Mr. Oxley!!!

     Let us just say that it may include a number of photo prints from Snapfish.com. Happy hunting.


Recent Comments:

Tristan says:

Thanks for pic of the day honors. In this picture, it looks like I've swallowed a pointy animal. no? maybe I'm crazy. You're the best AK, keep klogging! also, please find a better picture of me. My new home page is Kipiniak.com!

Not Tristan says

I hate that picture of tristan. put up a different one. thanks.not tristan.p.s. more pictures from the show? which I attended and was not in, since I'm not tristan. thanks.


Cold as ice says:

Dear Kipiniak.com,Can you help me?  My boyfriend is from New Jersey, but hasn't been back in a long time. His only joy of late is being able to keep track of the gas prices in Waldwick. What should I get him for Christmas that might remind him of home?

Tristan from Manhattan says:

Why won't my comments get posted? I check the Klog everyday! Happy Thanksgiving, K-Pax (aka Kipiniax).

Zeges says:

Adam---you need a new picture of the week.  I'm sick of seeing meakem's head.PS: Meakem...if you read this...I was only kidding.PPS: Adam...I'm not kidding.  Change it.


Tim says:

I think I love Magda


Wicka says:

also, kipiniak.com has been...how do i say this...lackluster doesnt quite seem severe enough...crapass, yes, thats the word.  i dont want to hear anything about being busy.  this is the life of the webmaster.

November 1, 2006

     Hurrah! Just 8 days to go! To what you ask? The mid-automnal equinox you ponder? No, that is only 5 away. Election day you ruminate? No, that is but 6. Adam's birthday you wool gather (don't ask me, ask thesaurus.com) ? Nope, just 7 till then. Then what you excoriate!!??! The next brand new Hottie$ Galore show: Escape From Narc City, that is what.

     November 9, 10, 11 at 10:30 at 312 W. 36th St. That is right, Next Thurs. Fri. and Sat on the corner of W. 36th St and 8th Ave. Don't forget to leave your carpool info in the comments section below!

October 27th, 2006

     Minnesota!!!! It is official, Kipiniak.com is officially an official hit! It is due in no small part to the ingenious combination of crotch and hammer!

     Election day is coming up! What should you do? Prepare to send Adam a birthday card for Nov. 8. Hurrah!

October 22th, 2006

     Mornin' everyone. For those of you who have grown attached to the powerpoint 'Movie of the 'Week'', I have some bad news. It has been replaced by the 'new' 'classic' video "Crotch Hammer".

     The brain child of Dan Hubbard with collaboration from Gorm Shackelford, Crotch Hammer tells the story of toy hammer and its quest for intimacy. Enjoy.



Molly says:

adam, please, please please leave up crotchhammer forever.  i am far away in prague and a myspace bulletin from philippe brought me a little piece of home

Chris Palm says:

Your server is too slow...

Shatraw says:

Ramone from Columbus says:

     This website is a total rip-off.  The picture of the day is more like the picture of the month and the movie of the week is more like the movie of the decade.I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!

A Concerned Citizen is:

     Look, if I wanted to know what the gas prices were in Waldwick, NJ on Oct. 18th, I'd build a freakin' time machine and then go back and look at the prices myself! It's October 23rd, Adam, and I have NO IDEA how expensive gas is in Waldwick, NJ today! WHAT THE HELL!

October 20th, 2006

     I hate to start my first blog entry with mindnumbingly depressing sadness, but I must. The Mets are no more. On a less crushing note, Klog is here.

       What is Klog? The pertinent question is, what are you? For, you are Klog. Like an illegal pepper game at a baseball park, ideas will be smacked back and forth in a dangerous fashion. "Daily" posts will be made, and you, Mr. and Mrs. America, will respond.




Beverly from Cicero says:

     This 'Chris' person is totally and completely wrong.  I find his comments to be obnoxious and self-aggrandizing.  The lack of any originality or real insight makes him sound like a Northwestern grad.

And then she wrote back nd said:

comments: I am shocked and apalled by your behavior.  To not post my comments regarding the Klog of this 'Chris' character is unconsionable.  What happened to freedom of speech?  We all thought that the 'dream' of Kipiniak.com was to have an open forum for ideas and gas prices. . . but no, NO!  You turned it into something dirty.  I hope that you can sleep at night.  May God have mercy on your soul.


Chris says:

"Now, I don't know too much about sports but aren't they really contests used to determine which of two squads has the most "heart" as measured by their ability to move/manipulate a spheroid according to a set of mutually agreed upon tactics?  Has there ever been a case where the team with the least "heart" has succeeded?  Have the proverbial snobs ever ultimately beaten the slobs?"







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